Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Entry

So my Scouting friend, Kareena, has a link to her blog on all of her emails and I thought "Why don't I set one up so everyone can keep track of what is going on with us". So here it is. Hopefully this will be something I can look back on and be glad that I did.

We had a great Thanksgiving. This was my first year to cook the turkey and stuffing, and I must say I did a really good job, or that is what everyone told me at least. It was not as difficult as I thought. In past years, my mother always cooked the turkey and dressing and I did the side dishes. Since they are remodeling their kitchen, I offered up our humble abode for dinner this year. It was just my parents, my grandma Marcie and us (John too). Since it was such a success I think I will invite the rest of the family next year. We have a traditional Turkey Day dinner, turkey, bread dress (we are Yankees, no cornbread for us), green bean cassarole and homemade sweet potatos. I even tried my hand at making a homemade, from scratch, pumpkin pie. It turned out so well, I am making another as we speak, or type.

The boys really enjoyed being off this last week for Thanksgiving.

We took a trip last weekend to Kansas for a family reunion. My brother Jimmy, who is 21 now, is being deployed to Iraq on December 13. He was granted two weeks leave and wanted to meet some of our family that he did not know. So we met him in Ft. Scott, Kansas and got to see His mom Susan and sister Jamie and other family members that I had not seen in 5 years. We were also able to spend a couple of nights with John. It was truely a great weekend. The boys mostly enjoyed getting to go on an airplane. Very exciting! He is planning to visit us in Crosby before he heads back to Fort Hood for deployment. I will miss him. Please pray for his safe return.

This past Friday, the boys put up the Christmas tree with lights, no ornaments yet but they are coming along. I have aquired quite a collection of angel ornaments and every year I add one or two more to my collections. I am looking forward to pulling out the new ones I have gotten over the last year and adding them to my tree. I like to buy them at craft shows or nicknack stores. Pics to follow once I have it complete. It is quite pretty once it is decorated.

On Saturday, John and I took the boys to the Autorama in Houston.

That was quite fun looking at all the cars. The highlight was seeing the Mack 5 from the movie Speed Racer.

And of course now the week night ritual of trying to get bathed, teeth brushed and into bed by 9 o'clock begins. It's back to school after the long week off. Hope you enjoyed my first blog and you will be hearing from me again see.